Installation & Training

Machine delivery or delivery, installation and user training

Our installation option with your machine, after purchase our engineers will be in touch to arrange installation – please make sure you are fully ready for installation as per specified by our engineers – and all apparatus is available before our engineer arrives at your premise.

Please do not purchase any machine installation add-on until you are 100% satisfied with fulfilling the requirements such as electrics, water supply and drainage. We try to be as fair as possible, however, we cannot be held liable for a cancelled installation due to requirements not being met. Upon installation, we will advise you of the manufacturer’s guide to operation as well as basic training as specified.

Delivery Only

£ 0

No installation

Customer must arrange installation themselves

We only deliver your machine

Installation and User Training


£200 + VAT

Installation with basic training

We deliver and install your machine

Installation by our approved engineers

Basic training on how to use the machine

Tips to enhance your experience with the machine

Cleaning and maintenance advice

 Installation Requirements

Counter / Surface

  • Ensure the surface where installation is taking place is strong enough to support the maximum weight.
  • A hole in the bar counter for wiring/piping must be in place prior to engineer arriving to do the installation. (If required by machine)


  • Must be a suitable set-up size. Ensure the measurements of machinery will fit within the desired set-up location with extra space where needed.


  • The correct power requirements must be located within 0.5 metres of the desired location for the equipment.
  • Must have a direct path to equipment.

Water set-up (if required)

  • 15mm cold water supply, ¾ inch (standard washing machine fitting) & stop cock.
  • Must have a minimum of 2 bar water pressure.
  • To be within 1 metre of location of desired location for equipment.
  • Must have a direct path to equipment.

Waste (if required)

  • Mains waste or container must be within 1 metre of the desired location of installation.
  • Must have a direct path to equipment.

If you are uncertain of any aspect of the installation, please e-mail us for information.

Please be aware that our engineers will not make any modifications to the customer’s property under any circumstances. It is the customer’s responsibility to prepare all requirements prior to the engineer’s arrival.

If any of the above criteria is not met then the installation will not take place and will have to be rebooked at an additional cost to the customer.

All manufacturer requirements must also be met.

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